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Tuition Programme

  • EXPERIENCED & qualified educator


  • FUN LEARNING to boost grades and confidence


  • EXPERT tailored tuition in Science and Mathematics (Singapore-based MOE Syllabus)


  • FOCUS on exam success in PSLE/O-Level/A-Level

Tuition Program (Science & Maths | Primary PSLE)

All years round


From then on we tailor the content of every tuition lesson to help your child to build up and expand their Science know-how. Your child will learn how to use Scientific words perfectly when writing answers to exam questions.

Tuition Program (Science, E- & A-Maths | Secondary O-Level | A-Level)

All years round


EMCC seek to build our students’ problem solving skills by helping them to identify question types. We infuse critical thinking and scientific inquiry in our teaching. In addition, we coach our students on time management where they learn how to wisely allocate their time for different sections in the paper during test/ examination.

Refer & Reward Programme

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