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Tong Shi Xuan
(Science Enrichment Programme 2014) 

To Ms. Rachel & Mr. Johnric:


" 3 days Science Enrichment Programme is very interesting! I enjoy the lesson and experiment very much!! "


“我觉得这三天的课程很有趣! 我很喜欢也很开心!!😄😄“



                                                          From: Tong Shi Xuan (Primary 3)

Kathleen Pang
(Private Tuition | Mathematics) 
Maths (SA2)      :100%  
Singapore & Asian Schools Math Olympiads 2014                  : Bronze Award

" I like your lesson very much as you always explain the question very clearly. Your lesson is very fun and I am not afraid to ask you any question!! 😄😄“


                                                           From: Kathleen Pang (Primary 4)

Kathy Pang
(Private Tuition | PSLE Science & Maths) 
Maths             : A
Science          : A

" I enjoy your lesson very much! Your explaination in Science and Mathematics are clear. I also think that your science lesson is very interesting! Thank you so much!"






                                                                 From: Kathy Pang (PSLE)

Leong Kai Yuan
(Private Tuition | Sec 2  Maths) 
E-Maths             : A
Sophia Tan
(Science Enrichment Programme 2014) 

To Ms. Rachel & Mr. Johnric:


" Thank you for teaching me Science. I love all the three lessons and the experiments! I hope that I can come again next time! "


“ 谢谢你们的教导。我非常喜欢这三天的科学实验!🔬 🔬



                                                                      From: Sophia (Primary 3)

Remus Ng
(Private Tuition | PSLE Science) 
Science          : A

" I enjoy your lesson! Thanks for teaching me Science and Maths!!"



                                                                      From: Remus Ng (PSLE)

Yeong Kah Mun
(Private Tuition | PSLE Science & Maths) 
PSLE Maths   : A
PSLE Science: A
(Private Tuition | O-Level E-Maths) 
E-Maths             : A

" I enjoy your Science and Maths lessons very much! I am able to learn new and effective methods to solve challenging Maths problem and understand Science's concept better!


My grade has been improving every since attending your lesson. My result for Maths have a drastic change from 58% to 92% and Science from 67% to 85%! Thank you so much!"


                                                              From: Yeong Kah Mun (PSLE)





"I'm so happy that my E-Maths grade jumped from U grad to A within a few months!! Careless mistakes were greatly reduced since I attended your lesson!! Thanks for your EXCELLENT guidance this year. I can't be more grateful to have you as my teacher, thank you very much! 🌹🌹!!"


                                                                 From: Cassandra (O-Level)

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