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Welcome to EMCC Learning Centre


EMCC Learning Centre offers a friendly and professional approach to support students through their learning journey. The wide range of Science & Maths Enrichment Programmes have been popular with students for many years. Our programmes aim to complement the school science curriculum with hands-on and inspiring learning experiences. Students have the opportunity to study an either a short or more in depth Science and Mathematics course, which aims to encourage students to find out about the world around them and encourage higher order thinking and analytical skills!

Events & Workshops

Tuition Programmes for Science & Maths | Upper Primary & Secondary All Level


EMCC seeks to build our students’ problem solving skills by helping them to identify question types. We infuse critical thinking and scientific inquiry in our teaching. In addition, we coach our students on time management where they learn how to wisely allocate their time for different sections in the paper during test/ examination.

Science Enrichment Programme | Dec 11 - 13


EMCC conducts a series of science enrichment programmes for students during december school holiday. Science Enrichment Programme provides opportunities for students to learn Science beyond the confines of the classroom, in a FUN and enjoyable way. The programmes are specially designed to connect what teachers are required to teach in the classroom and aim to complement and support the school's science curricula.

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